The Life of a Guinea Pig

Happy Pigs!
June 28, 2017, 5:00 pm
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Sgt Pepper and Aby continue to be cute round balls of furry love. They eat all their veggies and pellets every night, and they also love grass — which we have a lot of, naturally, what with it being summer in rural Saskatchewan!

Bella is doing really well. She wheeks a little bit for every meal and loves to be petted. After a bit of investigation, I have concluded that she is a lunkarya sheltie, which is basically a long-haired teddy with curls at the ends of the hair. I think that actually explains why she’s so sweet and friendly, as Batman was also a teddy and had a very similar personality (with that hilarious boar attitude, of course).

I’m hoping to have new photos to share next week!


In need of some TLC
April 12, 2017, 5:00 pm
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The guinea pigs have been having a really interesting time lately. My two-year-old son has been going into the guinea pig room and visiting them almost daily. The other day he opened up the cage that Sgt Pepper and Aby are living in and got inside! I locked the lids, so yesterday he just dumped a whole bunch of pellets into the cages, along with a couple of puzzle pieces. The piggers sampled the puzzle pieces a bit, but they’re none the worse for wear.

All three (Sgt Pepper, Aby, and Bella the rescue pig) need their nails trimmed, and the two long-haired pigs (Sgt Pepper and Bella) need a bit of tending for their hair. Hopefully I will be able to look after these things soon!

Special treats
March 22, 2017, 5:00 pm
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I’ve been trying something new with the girls’ food lately. Obviously they still get pellets — I use Oxbow timothy pellets, 1/8 cup per pig — but All Living Things has these neat all-veggie toppers that I buy. There are two kinds the girls seem to like. One is peas and carrots, and the other is veggies and flower heads. The latter smells lovely and they like to eat it, so I consider that a win! I don’t give them much, maybe a teaspoon each on top of their pellets, since it’s supposed to be a treat not a staple.

My son loves tramping around outside (he just turned two) so I am thinking that maybe this summer when we’re out wandering the countryside, I’ll try harvesting some rosehips. There are lots of wild roses around here, and I can freeze them in little batches to preserve them for the winter. Rosehips are a great source of vitamin C, and I’m thinking that if they don’t want them whole I can make some treats (I’ve done this before; I’ll share the recipe if I do it again) and add rosehips to make them healthier.

Little Girls
March 15, 2017, 5:00 pm
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I’ve had male guinea pigs for a very long time and quite enjoy them. So owning girls again has been interesting. We are at the point now where when I put my hand in the cage to retrieve their bowls at feeding time, Sgt Pepper will sniff me all over and occasionally lick me. She still hates being picked up or petted, and Aby is skittish. They love their Oxbow Vitamin C hay tabs and nearly climb out of the cage to get them. I’ve been adding some dried veggie toppers to their pellets lately, as a bit of a treat. It’s nice to see them race to the pellet bowl and dig in!

I’m also currently looking after Bella, a lovely little girl who is a rescue pig. We’re hoping to find her a new home. She is living next door to Aby and Sgt Pepper, in Squeak’s old cage.

Happy New Year!
January 4, 2017, 5:00 pm
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Just a very quick update to let you know that the girls are still away on Christmas vacation! We are hoping to bring them home over the weekend, and they will probably take turns writing blog posts and tweets following that. So you can expect to see blog posts starting next Wednesday, and tweets sometime this weekend!

The Girls
December 1, 2016, 5:14 am
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A few months after that last post, we brought home the girls, Sgt Pepper and Aby. They are quite comfortable in the 2×4 C&C cage, very fluffy, pudgy, happy, healthy girls. They’re now about two years old. Sgt Pepper is a Peruvian, and Aby is an Abyssinian.

This past Monday, Squeak passed away. Over the few days prior, he had gradually stopped eating his veggies and pellets, and was only interested in his bell pepper and his Vitamin C hay tab. He was six years old and I am frankly surprised he lasted this long.

The girls are deciding whether or not they want to blog; if not, I will try to keep you updated on their antics. For now, I can tell you that Aby chirps and Sgt Pepper hates being touched at all, for any reason.

February 4, 2016, 4:40 am
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A while ago George went away and did not come back. He wasn’t feeling good and he lay down on the floor and I talked to him, and he said good-bye. That One took him out of the cage and never brought him back so he is gone now. That One put me in a smaller cage all by myself. She says I have gained lots of weight since I have been living alone, so that is good since she is happy. I feel tired more now, I am five and a half years old and That One says that is very old. She says George was six years old and that is very old too. Maybe I will share a pigture next week.


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